Jordan Peterson -The Unconscious Mind of The SJW

Jordan Peterson -The Unconscious Mind of The SJW
Jordan Peterson -The Unconscious Mind of The SJW
original source: Psychology Professor Dr. Jordan B. Peterson makes a psychoanalytical / Freudian hypothesis on the unconscious desires of the SJW. Could it be that as masculinity is getting more and more eradicated out of western society, the longing for dominance and hyper masculinity grows even in those who argue for equality and call for the removal of 'toxic masculinity'? Dr. Peterson's new book is available for pre-order: 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos: If you want to support Dr. Peterson, here is his Patreon: Check out Jordan Peterson's Self Authoring Program, a powerful tool to sort yourself out: (Official affiliate link for Bite-sized Philosophy)



  • TL;DR: Feminism in the west is one giant, society wide shit test that western men have collectively failed, over and over and over again. For those unfamiliar with Pick Up Artist parlance, a shit test is believed to be: A manufactured grievance a woman uses to test the mettle, competence and confidence of her mate. It is an intentional provocation accompanied by an implicit and subconscious desire that the man put his foot down, set reasonable boundaries and demonstrate that he will not be bullied, nagged, shamed or guilted into submission. Its purpose is to confirm for her that he is capable of doing what needs to be done to provide for and protect her and her children. The subconscious thought process is, "If he can't stand up to _me,_ how will he be able to deal with the cavemen down the valley who keep us up all night revving their motorcycles, let alone help bring down a mastodon or fend off the sabre toothed tigers?" According to PUAs, the worst thing a man can do when his woman is shit testing him is assume the grievance is genuine and cave in to her. Despite her seeming demand that he submit, if he does, she will lose respect for him, and once she loses respect for him she will believe that she's with a man who is not worthy of her, which in turn makes her angry and resentful of him. She will then escalate the tests, each grievance becoming more and more outrageous and irrational in a desperate bid for him to finally draw a line and say, "this far, no further." I have to admit, as I have in the past, that the last 50 years or so of feminism in the west have followed this pattern. :/
  • SJW particularly females can be easy summed up as this: women today have amplified their sense of femimine virtue in such that an individual feels she is beyond reproach simply because she is femalen and she is the perfect human being, its a form of narcissism. Feminists has removed for women the ability of self criticism. As for the males, these are your middle class university losers who dont likenthe poor rather they hate the rich ie.their father. To over compensate for low self worth have adopted evangelicalism and to be proponents of the true justice and moral value. again lacks self criticism and thus narcissism. Thats all it is. Just childishness.. Somewhere betweem an infant and teenager
  • Sometimes Jordan talks some major horseshit
  • Sometimes Jordan talks some major horseshit
  • The unconscious mind of the anti-sjw is that of the bully; the asshole that presumes inequality by the mere appearance of inequality, by the mere socially-contructed perception of the world his world-view converted into objectivity.
  • Hey Jordan if you read the history books you'll see plenty of women that had political power I don't know what planet you're on sometimes
  • Feminists and radical Islam: a presumably one sided attraction, although one could imagine that if a Mujihadeen were to contemplate taking a Western woman as a mate, he would feel some confidence in "correcting" her attitudes when the time came. Peterson's hypothesis is pretty solid on the primate instincts level, but he misses a key potential factor for the attraction, and it's actually amusing: It's probably not so much "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" so much as "Very unlikely to have ever been my enemy, the male Great White Douche". The further from the dominant demographic throughout the European colonial phase (and it's carry overs to the modern day) that someone can be, the better by the standards of the feminist score card. A large number of Muslims possessing darker skin tones automatically gives "ally" associations that might not even be conscious, as also would be the fact that despite being of a cultural and religious background that leans heavy into misogyny by Western standards, it is very unlikely that the individual in question has ANY direct connections with the hierarchy/patriarchy that SPECIFICALLY is the enemy. Somewhere in there most likely there would be the attraction towards "exotic" gene lines that are notably divergent, instinctual out breeding. The above is not radically different or adds substantially to Peterson's words, but there are nuances that he seems to have ignored at the time that the video was filmed, and the likely reason for that is hilarious: He IS the enemy within the terms of the discussion, an older bull white male who wields linear logic like a scythe. Being able to really see oneself from the point of view of someone who bears one animosity is damn hard.
  • i think it's polarization...radical feminists are extremely polarized in one direction and they subconsciously understand that they need the other direction to define their position...i remember seeing bill oreilly and bill maher meeting on a show and i could tell they knew they were supposed to hate each other but they clearly liked each other...if you are extremely imbalanced in one direction you need someone extremely imbalanced in the other direction to even you out
  • *Deh Took err Jobs.*
  • i didn't know Western feminists liked Islam. Wow. How does it make sense. Oh, I've just acquaintance of mine, a gay man, traveled to those Arab countries, came back and said with a twinkle in his eyes that Arab men definitely had higher levels of testosterone and came off as far more manly than European men. Maybe that's why. Western feminists find men in those regions sexually compelling or something cuz those guys would surely kick their ass and tell them to shut the fuck up.
  • Men ruled a lot over human history, so the system has always worked like that and humans evolved in that system (because males are generally physically stronger, more competative and more dominant). Now, in western culture, intelect and social capability are way more important than dominance by physical stength, so women can get in the game of ruling. Only women think very differently than men, so they might destroy the whole system we evolutionairily adopted to
  • What?? 07:44 We should never stop!
  • As a Jungian, no one has articulated Jung to such a degree on modern times as JP. BUT he has a weak spot on SJWs and leftists in general. Yes the stuff he says about them are right, but it doesn't always come from a cynical, power-hungry place. The desire is not for equality per se, but to right the wrong of oppression. It's idealism, pure and simple. He can't see it because they are his shadow.
  • I got an ad for google on a JP video. Something about that is strange
  • People who have victim mentality see the world like an adversary and if we could heal within ourselves these wounds would sjw be less in number? For how many of these warriors Are Only fighting the shadow of past unresolved woundings?
  • 6:40 I swear I thought the same thing before seeing this video.
  • I think feminists and islamists are aligned because they have the same enemy - entrenched christian-ish patriarchy. It's a way to attack a common enemy from two different fronts, but with the same overarching ideology of "you have been oppressing us for thousands of years AND IT IS TIME TO STOP!" Same reason Hitler and Stalin allied with the same "...but I'll betray you the moment it's beneficial for me" condition. Or, if you're more conspiratorially-minded, it's George Soros funding two different anti-west groups.
  • "And thus postmodernism as a widespread leading-edge viewpoint slid into its extreme forms (e.g., not just that all knowledge is context-bound, but that all knowledge is nothing but shifting contexts; or not just that all knowledge is co-created with the knower and various intrinsic, subsisting features of the known, but that all knowledge is nothing but a fabricated social construction driven only by power). When it becomes not just that all individuals have the right to choose their own values (as long as they don’t harm others), but that hence there is nothing universal in (or held-in-common by) any values at all, this leads straight to axiological nihilism: there are no believable, real values anywhere. And when all truth is a cultural fiction, then there simply is no truth at all—epistemic and ontic nihilism. And when there are no binding moral norms anywhere, there’s only normative nihilism. Nihilism upon nihilism upon nihilism—“there was no depth anywhere, only surface, surface, surface.” And finally, when there are no binding guidelines for individual behavior, the individual has only his or her own self-promoting wants and desires to answer to—in short, narcissism. And that is why the most influential postmodern elites ended up embracing, explicitly or implicitly, that tag team from postmodern hell: nihilism and narcissism—in short, aperspectival madness. The culture of post-truth." - Ken Wilber
  • The God machine is hungry for individualism and ripe brains. The skull farmers do their rain dance and pray the machine falls to sleep. She holds me close and whispers wet, "there are cannibals among us". Mad in love with dry dead boys in the backs of abandoned cars. Smoking the bones of children, plotting the murder of love.
  • Islamists vote liberal because they know abortion, destruction of the family etc.. are destroying the West. So they want the West to choke on its sins.
  • Ha this is what I was saying in the pub yesterday :D women want powerful men. Always.
  • Women in islam 'Men are the protectors of women because Allah has given the one more strength... And because they support them from their means'. Quran Surah 4:33 Women have more right in Islam which I learn from. At the time of marriage, a woman is entitled to a financial gift (dowry) from her husband. This dowry is legally owned by her and cannot be used by anyone else. In the case of divorce, she has the right to keep whatever she owned before the divorce and anything she personally earned after marriage. The former husband has no right whatsoever to any of her belongings. This ensures a woman’s financial security and independence, allowing her to support herself in the case of divorce. Google it don't believe here say and there say! Muhammad Ali Compares Women Wearing Scarfs to American Women Do Islamic Terrorists really get 72 Virgins? False Hadith Lesley Hazleton: "Prophet Muhammad [s]: Where did Humanity Go Wrong?" You shall not murder. Exodus 20:13 “Whoever kills a person [unjustly]…it is as though he has killed all mankind. And whoever saves a life, it is as though he had saved all mankind.” (Qur’an, 5:32) For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven: a time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant and a time to pluck up what is planted. Ecclesiastes 3: 1-4 'When their time....arrives they cannot tarry for a single hour nor can they go ahead'. Al Quran Surah 16:61 A sincere Christian and a Jew are those of your brothers in Faith. Muslim's Believe. 'What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul' Christianity Mathew 16:26 Your Body is a Temple: 1 Corinthian 6:19 (My interpretation: Eat junk food be junky alike, eat healthy food be Wealthy alike.) We Muslims don't call ourself, we are Mohamadism! But Muslim in Arabic = Meaning He who submit & believes! Just like God in Hebrew is Elohim and in Aramaic is Ela and also in Arabic is Allah. Elohim, Ela and Allah sound the same to me! Muslim's believe in the Torah Tenakh Gospel and the Al Quran. What do Muslim say about Mary and the Jews & Christian God sent the Angel to Mary and said " O Mary indeed Allah has chosen you and purified you and be devoutly obedient to your lord and prostrate and bow with those who bow in prayer . O Mary indeed Allah give you the Messiah Jesus (PBUH). He will speak to the people in the cradle and in maturity and will be of the righteous". She said "My lord how will i have a child when no man has touched me". "When he (Allah) decrees a matter He only says to it BE and it will Be, He will (Jesus) teach him writing and Wisdom and the Torah and Gospel". Surah Ali Imran 3:42 AL QURAN Lesley Hazleton: "Prophet Muhammad [s]: Where did Humanity Go Wrong?" Russian Christian priest about Islam For Those Who Hate Islam - Message From Christian Sister Catholic Priest Converts To Islam, Says It's Religion Of Peace. The enemy of faith call Jews, Jews because that they were from Jerusalem, and Christians because they followed christ. For Those Who Hate Islam - Message From Christian Sister O mankind, We have created you from a male and a female and have made you into nations and tribes for you to know one another.  Truly, the noblest of you with God is the most pious.2  Truly, God is All-Knowing, All-Aware.  (Quran, 49:13) Islam rejects certain individuals or nations being favored because of their wealth, power, or race.  God created human beings as equals who are to be distinguished from each other only on the basis of their faith and piety.    The Prophet Muhammad  said: {O people!  Your God is one and your forefather (Adam) is one.  An Arab is not better than a non-Arab and a non-Arab is not better than an Arab, and a white person is not better than a black person and a black person is not better than a white person,except in piety.}
  • Dr. Jordan Peterson should rewatch his other video talking about women being more successful in society (especially education, and then economics) because they are more agreeable, and therefore more obedient.  This means that the young women are more susceptible to indoctrination than are the young men.  This explains why they are more female SJWs irrelevant to the big5 personality traits. Just another instance of import in the symbiotic relationship between men and women which enables the existence of society.  In this case, the women are needing the men to do their part for the species; stop the societal indoctrination because that is in fact a weak point for women, from a general psychological perspective.
  • Jordan Peterson is a social injustice warrior (SIW).
  • Women want to live WITH masculinity, not under it. I do not desire complete dominance; I will fight back until I have a foot to stand on.
  • Oh what a dipshit, contradicts his we don't know what women with power are like statement with, oh yeah sure they have had immense power before but that's different because it ruins my circle jerk logic.
  • xD WTF did I just here!!! ahahahah. "We don't know what women are like when they have political power." ahahahahahah. He must have done *ZERO* classes in history and never lived anywhere.
  • xD This guy is such a clown. 3:00 "I do think that the rebellious tendency of adolescents is associated both that criminality spike, especially among men, and with creativity." Uhhhh, you fucking think? *inserts yaDon'tSay.jpg*
  • I have to partially disagree with JP here. We can observe how a female dominated Govt and body politic operates as it's occurring in a few countries in Europe already. More of the same egalitarianism but on steroids. Consider the calls by those countries in their virtuous signaling to the world that they have open boarders and look at the literal 3rd world flood. See this is why a lot of conservative people laugh at a lot of the pointy headed liberal nonsense. Where'd your common sense go liberals?Biologically we work slightly differently, is it not obvious why virtually no female lead Govt or societies have ever existed? It's not a brain or mental capacity thing, it's how we analyze the world differently and any society that put forth the idea women should be warriors first and foremost would not last.
  • He says a female dominated political structure would be about equal distribution. So what about communism which was mainly constructed and run by men?
  • Women are so fucking broken it's time we took them off the shelves.
  • I admire how he can talk about thoughts and theories that come into his mind that he doesn't really agree with. That's such an important thing that I don't think enough people acknowledge - you can have ideas and explore points of view that are entirely against your own, and it doesn't have to mean that you actually believe it or give up your own belief.
  • We DO know what the weaker sex is like when they have political power, if we pay attention to some of the words of our forebears. Some Roman scholar or other wrote something like "Make women your equal, and she will become your master." And then society will collapse, because they AREN'T equal to men. Men are superior by just about every metric, so the only way to feign equality is by bringing men down.
  • Feminists needs a holiday in Arabia
  • Too many euphemisms. There.
  • Interesting video, but I think a person can have some unconscious desires for a primitive lifestyle that is ultimately unhealthy. It doesn't necessarily nullify their conscious declarations of what they think is good for themselves and society. I'm not an ardent feminist, but just because one can point to some of their contradictions doesn't make all their arguments invalid. If a man says he wants a strong emotional and intellectual connection with a woman, it doesn't mean that his occasional desire for physical gratification/sex means he was lying or disingenuous.
  • the unconscious is one of the great intellectual frauds of the 20th century, that has unfortunately carried over to the 21st century. It posits an existence that cannot be refuted, and therefore cannot be proven ever. It more resembles a religious dogma and then any other statement to emerge from psychology.
  • SJW? what's that mean?
  • ever heard the story of the female concentration camp guards?
  • If women cry, complain, or get bitchy they can just blame it on hormones and they get a free pass. If I say my hormones make me horny and aggressive I'm still expected to control them.
  • Lack of facing, penetrating, clarifying and resolving apparent paradoxes seems, to me, manifest in the alliance of western so-called feminists with Islamists. The Islamists have no trouble with having 'useful idiots’: their thinking has not even reached the stage of desiring egality and they are ‘way behind the feminists seeking fairness, so no paradox for them. 'Feminists' may actually care about fairness, and then find themselves with an apparent paradox, or several, that they cannot sort out, so they plough on trying not to look (and for some it may be much easier to point the finger ‘out there’ than figure out “Why do I expect others to be able to do something about themselves when I have so much pride/grasping, hatred/fear of inadequacy, egocentricity/self-blinding and do not know what to do about it?”) One example of an apparent paradox anyone may encounter has some fame as "Popper's paradox" on tolerance; it is only 'paradoxical' from the perspective of language and outer appearance — “How is my ‘logical’ image, folks?” — but can be very confusing if vanity is caught up in the mix, and/or the 'sufferer' cannot see a) their questions beneath the apparent ‘paradox' (not only 1: the outer question, but 2: the fearful question this evokes in me, and 3: the question/answer at first hidden and which I will have to poke around to uncover of why this is a question to my mind), b) how to do something about ones own sh-t, which incidentally will give one some insight elsewhere.
  • I don't think today's young western SJW women desire dominance as much as their culture has self loathing as its core. So the attraction is that of the "other" something that says they don't want to aid their own inherited culture, which they see as evil incarnate.
  • Just the way he speak and the way you can hear how he thinks, it's just amazing love him
  • Was there ever a conscious mind of the SJW?
  • @6:11 _" Why aren't feminists protesting non-stop about saudi Arabia ?"_ A better question would be - why isn't everybody protesting non-stop about saudi Arabia ? Why are western Govts silent ? 15 of the 19 hijackers on 9/11 were Saudis and yet the American govt convinced it's people that SA is an ally in the war against terror. Saudi Arabia is the biggest sponsor of Sunni wahabbi terrorism in the world .
  • It's dangerous. Women are crazy, men are stupid!
  • Feminist does not mean woman. Most feminists are men. You should know this.
  • Fact#1, most SJWs are NOT women. They are college boys and washed up professors who have no testosterone left. Fact#2, women are more conservative than men, especially after they become mothers. Women are more likely to be religious, to obey the law, to control to some extent who their children interact with, what they eat, their manners, etc. Mr.Peterson should know this. But he is a Canadian academic so I'll give him a pass. He wouldn't know a conservative if she bit him.
  • He keeps sidlining into this discussion about men and women and didn't answer the questions. Am I missing something? What the hell does social justice have to do with 50 Shades of Gray? I think he's overreached the edges of his thinking a bit.
  • SJW's being mostly women can be explained this way... Maximum self gratification with least self sacrifice...

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