EXPOSED!!! The Scam behind Venus FX by Dato R. Ramanan

EXPOSED!!! The Scam behind Venus FX by Dato R. Ramanan
EXPOSED!!! The Scam behind Venus FX by Dato R. Ramanan
A press conference surrounding the Venus FX scam was held on 15 Jan 2017 by the press secretary to the President of the Senate Dato R. Ramanan. More than 3000 victims of the unfortunate scam were present to listen to how the scam was executed and who were behind it. The victims also shared their story with us. We urge people to be vary of scams like these in the future.



  • So what happen all the money which confiscated??? Pay back to people who involved
  • What exactly is Trabeplom System? How does this thing really work? I notice many people keep on talking about this popular forex guide.
  • Theres NO FREE MONEY in the world. Work for it!
  • Be class please , think without cheating others , Tamils re all over world , everyone watch on us , we have a good history , what happening to all .. 🙏
  • The person who invest look educated. This greedy. I sure they know the risk.
  • geethanjali is my classmate in primary school. i know her very good.. attention seeker
  • Dato Ramanan voice of public ? my foot. what has happened now? he promised the public to fight until we get our money back what? whwere is the money n im still waiting. all this bloody drama to collect money from rate ib n benefit. we lost invested money. total waste of time i attend this bloody function. the main fucker behind this mastrplan is sri kumar asshole.sitting same row in press conference.go n.suck dato ramanan n.sri kumar cock la u stupid people.i lost 120k my group money. its gone. no way. dato ramanan is conman
  • I read many good opinions on the internet about how Trabeplom System can help you earning cash in the fx trading . Has anybody tested out this popular forex system?
  • Emancipation of wealth through easy and fraudulent means always leads to despair and being cheated. People just never learn. Work hard for your money. There is no such thing as working smart as it is a fake utopia created by fraudulent people or group to influence in order to rip the wealth of the naive and lazy.

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